Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mt. Passaconway May 6, 2006

Saturday turned into a one heck of a hike for the Half-Ork, his wife theHalf-Orc Queen (HOQ) and my self. Our plan was to yo-yo up Mt. Passaconway (4060') and back.

We made it to the peak in about 3 hrs. (5.1 miles). Then during lunch I was looking at the map and saw that we could loop around the lower south side of the peak and reconnect with the trail we came up. Which we did just fine. Then we reached a second trail jct. and turned, thinking we were turning at a different spot. And actually we all agreed because the trail went up at this point so we were all like "lets just turn down". Well it turns out that was our mistake (if you want to call it that). We ended up adding about 4 miles to the day by doing that, thus making the trip more memorable.

But Ill tell you this trip had it all....The first 1.9 miles are very flat (and actually the final 4.5). There are very steep ups', very steep downs, we had sun, we had rain, we had muddy trail, snowy trail, icy trail and nice clean trail. There were at least 4 stream crossings. We found a supreme camp site which we will return to this winter. Crazy big and deformed trees. Craggy in some sections. Zen like in others.

By the end of the day you feet were sore. We knew that our legs would surely suffer tommrow. We ran out of water, hiked for 7-ish hours (9:30am-6:15pm) not included stop time (1.5 hrs) and really pushed it the whole way. We tested out selves physically and mentaly this day. I would say we all passed with an A.

Once I got home I reviewed the trail map and book to calculate the mileage and it turns out we did just about 14 miles +/- 0.5

Not bad, not bad at all.

BTW the Camp Rich shelter....either isnt there or we didnt find it. We found a nice big open place with lots of chared wood but no shelter.

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