Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guitarin' with Mr. Atkins

A couple of weeks ago the boy saw a CD in the player.  
"'dis, dis, wana play 'dis" he says.
The second it started playing he wanted to play along with his guitar. That at this point he has no concept of how to really use it.  But it was after the first super-cute music session that I made up a strap out an old belt of Wifes and recorded the video below. It can't hurt to start early.
Now every time we listen to the CD, we get this show:

Plus I figure that Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel are a pretty damn good guitar role models.


  1. OH MY GOD!!! I never laughed harder. I can't wait to show gram.

    He's got the moves.... I love him!!!

  2. wow. awwww!! he's got rhythm that one! thanks for posting this :)

  3. I can now tell everyone that I got the first look at the next generations Eric Clapton.

    (that is just way cute...even for an old sarcastic geezer like me.)