Friday, April 01, 2011

April Snow Day -ok

Today is Friday and we are about to get covered with 12"inches of snow.  Im not wicked psyched about it, but it should melt fast, as the temperatures in coming week are supposed to reach the lower 50's.  Anyway, last week we went to food shopping at Hannaford.  Below is the video I made of our adventure of my son bringing his Melissa and Doug shopping cart to the store.  This was all his idea by the way.

There you go.


  1. I love at the end how he uses the vibration from the shopping cart on the tiled floor... ha ha ha. I predict he's a future musician!

  2. coming from a die hard sarcastic sob.....this was pretty damn cute.

  3. That was awesome. Never hurts to start training them early to help pick up some of the household chores anyway. Okay. No more snow in Maine. That's it, done.