Friday, January 15, 2010

First Post of the New Year

Greetings.  yep, its 2010 and we're off to another year.  What are my expectations for the new year? Well, at the homestead keeping engaged with the boy is the major priority; of course if I can get the rest of the trim on the house painted and gutters up all the way around Ill call it a good season. 
I definitely need to get several more trees down around the back yard, too much shade.  Plus, the oaks are a real pain to rake up after in the fall and the hemlocks just suck up space and sunlight. They've got to go.
I would love to get a new bike this year (here) but considering my VW golf has 272,000+ miles I think that a new (new to me) car is more likely.
At work I would like to really kick ass in honing project management skills and maybe learn some of the business operations. Also I need to submit my application for my state of Maine Geologist license.  I absolutely should have it by now.
Oh and my New Years resolution: MORE MUFFINS.


  1. HI LG! Hi Joe! Happy New Year!
    More muffins indeed.

  2. Funny, I hadn't updated my site in a while, and just saw that you did via Google Reader. Past due, dude. Thanks for the "places I go" link.

    Kate, your friend that died recently was also the friend of a friend of mine.

  3. I wish my New Years Resolution was as simple as 'muffins'......