Friday, January 21, 2011

Another week done

This was a long week. Twice it took me more than an hour to drive home on snow and icy roads. Like lots of other people I'm sure.  Tonight I got home to 10inches in the driveway. waiting for me to move.
It took an hour. Like usual. though my back has been very sore for the last couple of days. And that didn't make it any easier.
But its done and look what I founf in the fridge.


  1. Ah.. Winter Lager! And not just the one, either! cheers.

  2. yes kate there were more than one hiding in the 'frige. luckily i found all of them.

  3. winter is brutal around here too. cold snow gray.

    i think it's high time Mr. Hall and I revisited the idea of Oregon. That place has crazy topography right? Awesomeness without the 40 below weather. it wouldn't happen for another 5 years but still . . . :)

  4. Here is Phoenix, it is the only place in the country that has no snow what so ever...70 degrees today. But we will make up for it when the thermometer hits 115 in about 5 months.