Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy, crazy world

The other night I was 'surfing' the web via Stumble Upon.  I came across a screen cap of some girl/womans facebook postings.  I read the first section and immediately recognized this as internet gold. So I turned the camera on myself and read aloud, word for word, as best as possible, each and every segment.   People of the internet....I bring you, New Englander reading a Eubonic Rant.

Note: lots of foul language.


  1. Fo' reelz, dawg ! That shiz make total brain to mines white azz !

    Whatcho problem beez ?

    Jive azz dude ain't got no brains, anyhow !

    Sheeiit !

  2. Heff, very 70's sounding jive eubonics...NIIIICE.

  3. Yes, I'm a bit "out of touch", lol.

  4. If anyone wants to know about the state of our educational system and the failure of public schools, I would recommend they just watch this video. I applaud you for being able to read through the whole thing.

  5. except for the first segment I read the whole thing on the first try in 1 take.

  6. I think you could write a whole dictionary on the amount of eubonics in that conversation. I like your eubonics accent btw! lol