Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Video Blog


  1. excellent belch btw

    wow, bring the wee boy over international waters.... GODSPEED! offer your wife booze even if she doesn't drink. because really, it calms the nerves like no other.

    and yes, even a two hour layover in Paris is worth it. wow. can't wait to hear about your adventures. awesome.

    we're going to las vegas (sans the holler monkees ;) next month.


    the wee pancake FINALLY figured out how to ride her bike. sooooooooooooooOOOOOO proud.

    now she's unstoppable!!

    take care!

    Mrs. "The Go-Kart Menace" Hall

    ps. how to i fix the my front brake that keeps rubbing?

  2. Thanks for the update Joe! Looking forward to hearing about your trip when you return.

    Miss you guys.

  3. HH. She likes her drinks so that wont be a problem. It will be very interesting. Have fun on your trip. that sounds great. congrats to PanCake. Has she yelled 'FREEDOM' yet? as for the rubbing break, a basic adjustment should be all it takes. Mr. H can give it shot. is there a barrel adjuster near the break or break lever. turn it counter clockwise to loosen it and open the caliper a little bit. or take it to a bike shop. they may even do it for nothing.

    Sue. see you in skype-land

  4. Was that a Sam Adams you were drinking ?

  5. Safe and fun travels! You never know, you could find a bike.

  6. We want video updates from Hungary WHILE in Hungary. Your fans demand it.

  7. That was a Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier to be precise.
    Thx Kate.
    If I can log in. Ill post.

  8. am i the only one that noticed the major Burp, about an 8 on the rictor scale?! Good job Joe--you got skillz! haha

    That's awesome you are going to Hungary--so jealous

  9. I totally lost my focus at 1:12 into this with the hypersonic burp.........damn.....