Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Useless Commuting Statistics

Today marks the first day of 2010 bicycling commuting for me.  But before I list the stats of the ride in this morning I would like to post my 2009 results and some other thoughts.
In 2009 I commuted 16.5 days
The average commute distance was 14.12 miles averaging 18.55 mph.  
The total mileage was 465.99 miles. Burning 25,857 calories.
I figure my car gets about 30mpg. So commuting by bike saved me from using 15.5 gallons of gasoline for a financial savings of about $42

CO2 emissions from a gallon of gasoline = 2,421 grams x 0.99 x (44/12) = 8,788 grams = 8.8 kg/gallon = 19.4 pounds/gallon  Source: EPA

By cycling to work last year I kept 19.4x15.5= 300.7 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

There are approximately 3,500 calories in a pounds
By cycling to work last year I lost 25,857/3500= 7.39 pounds from just the commuting.

Pretty amazing stuff once I break it all down like that. And dont forget the other benefits that cant be calculated like stress reduction, fitness and straight out enjoyment.  I also didnt need a gym membership.
For 2010 my goal is to beat the previous year and considering that I am starting a month earlier than last year, I am on track to do it.
Todays stats for the ride in: 14.18miles at 15.9mph.  Slow in comparision, but the season is just getting started for me. I should be back to my usual speeds and times in a month or so.


  1. Awesome Joe... I love how you broke it down. You are a model GOOD Earth Citizen!

  2. Impressive statistics.. Damn, 18mph are booking dude.

    I used to live in the burbs here in Phoenix Arizona, but the stress and cost of the commute to work was killing me, which is why I moved downtown, where I now have the luxury of walking to work. I will never commute again in my life. It just isn't worth it.

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  4. Allez...Allez...Allez... VENGA VENGA VENGA!

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