Friday, June 09, 2006


Wensday was Commute Another Way Day and I decided to do something to participate. So Tuesay night I loaded the Turtle (Toyota Tercel) with my bike, put on the panniers and rear rack bag and prepared for the commute the next day. I started watching the weather closely at and saw that rain was forcasted. Damn!. But "to hell with it" I said.
"Im am MAN! A man who invented the wheel, and built the Eiffel Tower out of steel...and brawn!" So surely I could ride in the rain, plus it was going to be warm out.

I commute about 50 miles each way daily and frankly biking that far to get to work and back just isnt happening. So I drive my self to a Park n' Ride location a reasonable distacne to ride in from. I got my shit together and started was a nice ride in. The weather was cloudy and rain was looming in the distance but I made it in...14.5 miles at 18.8 avg. mph. Pretty good actually.

Work was work, and it rained all day.

At 4pm, after seeing that a heavy batch of rain was comming, I decided to make a break for it while the rain was still somewhat light. No need to get caught in a downpour. I packed up, duct taped my riding shoes for some additional weather protection, donned my trusty LL Bean goretex jacket and headed out. The first 3 miles was pretty good. Feet were basically dry, and the going was good. At abour 4 miles my shoes started to fill with water. It seems the rain was comming down from my ankle and in. "There's no stopping now" I say to myself. At miles 5 I pass another group of riders but I just blow past them and keep on going....there is no time to chitchat today. The miles roll by.... I can tell im going much slower in the rain. But the ride was good. No complaints, the jacket kept the rain out, thou I got wet from sweat, the rain was warmish, so there were no numb fingers or toes and I learned that rain be damned I can ride anyday I choose. It just that the fine sand that gets EVERYWHERE could really be a problem for the bike. So CLEARLY I need another bike. Avg. speed returning was 15.5 mph.

I reached the car, changed back into my dry work clothes and drove home. What a good mini-during the week-adventure. I definately plan on doing this much more often, only Ill avoid the wet weather.

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