Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Winter has felt very strong this year.  Many snow storms, each requiring manual labor with my ol' snowblower. 10-horsepower mind you, not those wimpy 8hp deals. No sir, my machine is a real beast only to be wielded by men and trained oxen.  For a while there I was feeling pretty beat down by all the effort and not having any fun with it. At the time I just figured the funk was from either all the snow storms and labor to move it or some other rut, work maybe.
One evening I was in the basement having a party with myself.  Wife came down to see what I was up to and we started talking about our loss of Watson. It totally ruined my party.  But in hindsight that's when I started feeling better. No shit.  Only today did I realize that it was that issue keeping me depressed. Not the damn storms, not work. Nope, just straight up unacknowledged sorrow and mourning.
 So now the next storm comes. There I am battling with winter again. This time I actually went out while it was still snowing and blowing, before the plows even. And I'm workin' and 'blowin' and then I shout into the wind whipped snow 'IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?'  followed by a menicial laughter.
Then news of another storm approaching. Shit, well now would be a good day to shovel the roof.  So I did. 2.5 hours later I finished. Of course I was a nut and did a 1.25 hour snowshoe prior.  Which finally gets me to what I wanted to post originally.  

Fun pics, and a gratuitous kid photo.


  1. Back in the day, when I lived in the Dakotas, we didn't have snow blowers. My parents had children (me) who were ordered to shovel the driveway, for $5. That made a real man out of me. Don't need no whimpy snowblower.

    (ow and I also edged the lawn by hand. There were no weed whackers back then either....yes, I am manly.)

  2. Awww Joe, why'd you have to go and taunt the freakin weather Gods?! I'm so done with this snow...

    "Hello Weather Gods... Joe was only kidding."

    Love the picture of Lil'Guns... his face is enough to chase any clouds away. Love you guys!

  3. What a cutie!

    and snowblowers are no effing joke! Stupid stupid things! Yes, operated by men and oxen only!! :)

  4. well, the snow pounded us in the northeast and I'm in NYC where new yorkers don't have snow blowers either but it sure would be convenient because the city never clears the streets properly!!!

  5. also, cute picture of lil guns! who isn't very lil anymore